Monday, September 13, 2010

Job interviews when the topic of 15 "Forbidden Zone"

Job interview, you encountered an embarrassing situation it says the wrong thing. In fact, some of the interview subject is not brought -

1. Inside of the gender or racial bias. You might think that the interviewer and your like-minded and therefore in letters, in fact, tantamount to digging its own grave, in the workplace does not allow
Gender and race discrimination.

2. Political topics. After the interview, could have written a letter of thanks

3. Religious topics. 4. Favorite star teams or athletes. Your favorite may be the most annoying interviewer, even if the official with the opposition that you are irrational, but understandable.

5. Children or grandchildren or even to the point of boasting. Even if the interviewer on the table arrayed according to their own family, your pocket full of baby photos into the fold rather meet the interview occasions.

6. For the interviewer to achieve something or a particular product offer. For example, "I can get for you wholesale" may be true, or changed a scene will show that you treat people's enthusiasm, but in the interview is out of tune, and will look you in the bribery interviewer.

7. On a certain area you just move out of the weather or traffic, or any endemic character, you criticize them severely. (You may happen to criticism to the interviewer's home, and the interviewer has happened is deeply nostalgic feelings.)

8. You how to hate math, science or other special subjects, although it will seem nothing to do with this job. (Company executives expect the class may happen to good at mathematics staff.)

9. Did not help the future of personal hatred. For example, you mentioned that if you happen to have natural red hair, you will never dyed a different color it, and you may find the company president happened to be on the birth a fiery red hair. Of course, punctuality is very safe topics, for example, say you this man is on time, late for the old people who love a serious headache.

10. Complained that the interviewer kept you waiting, or you fill out a job application form or to accept a room typing test will be baked dead heat. Do you want to show the interviewer that you are the positive aspects, we complain is counterproductive.

11. The old name to mention great self-lift worth. For example, your boss is a former interior designer, you have to assist her in decorating a celebrity mansion, celebrity pomp and style are not worthy of you in letters. If you really make friends with some of the social elite, cause you do not pay attention to boast about his own impressions.

12. Revealed limitations and. For example, because family responsibilities, you can not agree with 17:00 left after overtime, you do not need to take the initiative on our weakness. This strategy, of course, there are exceptions, if the employer made it clear that employees must agree to occasionally stay overtime, and this is a prerequisite for the job, you got to tell the truth. Remember: there will be some changes in the spot situation, to their own discretion; In the event that when the company made a special request for you, maybe your situation has changed.

13. Talk occasionally caught in silent, cold field in order to defuse the situation, your mind's eye the idea of which can not be blurted out.

14. Scattershot focus idle crap. You've asked the question or to complete a comment, stop there, waiting below. Then go beyond that, talk endlessly futile. 15. The interviewer was flowery praise. Even if you sincerely admire the man, in this case, your praise may have been misunderstood. Of course, you can say: "you are interviewing with is a pleasure, thank you."

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